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Posted on Monday 8 May 2006

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So the weekend was amazingly productive and yet similarly relaxing-Friday involved a few drinks to take the edge off of a stressful week (and this week doesn’t look to be horrifically less stressful) and Saturday brought Tim and Brooke and Mike to our pad for a few episodes of Top Chef and then out for some thrifting, most of which took us to Second Story Books, where I wound up picking up a pretty hefty stack of records for about 10 bucks (everything was half off, so I couldn’t complain) including but not limited to some fine presses of Bernstein composing Aaron Copland, the original soundtracks for the first Star Trek movie and for Star Wars, a few more soundtracks (Patton) and some buttrock (Shiela E; hey, it was The Glamorous Life, I couldn’t pass it up!) to top it all off. Definitely an entertaining afternoon. Some mediterranean dinner and it was back to the pad for viral videos, Ask A Ninja, random amusement, beer, and perhaps most importantly, Yacht Rock. I don’t believe I haven’t seen this before. But check it out. Allow me to preach the gospel of late 70s and 80s music.

In other news, Sunday I managed to frame quite a few of the posters I have lying around that I’ve been wanting to put up. The ones left need colored matting; black, green, whatever-but I just have to go get the paint or matte board to make them look pretty, and eventually I can start hanging up some of the art I’ve had but have been meaning to hang for a while now. These walls will get covered yet!

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