primping and potatoes

Posted on Monday 12 June 2006

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Nothing like fresh mashed potatoes from real potatoes. Serious difference from the non-perishable insta-mash that’s been living in my cabinets for years. Seriously, I think the insta-mash I have in the cabinet has seen three girlfriends and at least four different apartments. Frightening. Maybe I should just throw it out.

Anyway. I like < ahref="">this woman’s tips for a more frugal life. I could definitely use some of those tips, especially when it comes to eliminating credit card debt. Mine is something of a spectre in the room that I really want to banish, but need a comprehensive plan to do so. The hard part, of course, is developing the plan. In the meantime though, I can see a few areas to shave some cash off of our expenses, and I think it might be a good idea to target them. Maybe my magazine subscriptions and some extra domain names I don’t use. Hmm.

Otherwise, I also like these tips to extend the life of your car. This reminds me; I need to schedule maintenance for my car. I was thinking about buying a new one at the beginning of next model year, but I might hold off another year just to even out finances and such. We’ll see. I’m particularly interested in finances lately; interested.

Maybe we can save some dough (and eat better) by buying from our local farmer’s market. I can’t wait-fresh vegetables and tasty local honey. It stirs memories of my mother and father taking me to the local farmer’s market (much to my youthful dismay) when I was a little younger; we used to go after shool and on the weekends, sometimes after stopping elsewhere to run other errands. I used to hate going because I thought it would be boring, but I always used to love the samples of fruit and veggies that the farmers put out for people to eat, and they were always so kind and nice to me, a little kid running between booths looking for a slice of tomato, or freshly baked bread, or a spoonful of honey. I kind of regret not paying closer attention now; the older, more responsible me would have loved to talk to them about shrinking crops and dwindling farmland, pollution and growing organic, and thanking them in general just for being there. Never too late, though.

Speaking of things never being too late, I think it’s time for me to make some decisions and changes. Nothing horrific, but I’d like to actually make the change from thinking about doing this or that to actually doing it. As the Chinese proverb goes, People in the West are always getting read to live. I’m through getting ready; it’s time to stop primping in the bathroom and come out to the ball, I think.

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