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Posted on Wednesday 14 June 2006

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I’m sensing a weekend project here, assuming I can get some of the other things I’ve been meaning to do done. I’ve been desperately trying to play with Windows Vista, but the first time I installed it on my testing machine, it crashed and bluescreened every other minute, and I figured, okay-maybe a bad install. Now that I’ve burned a new DVD, trying to install it just results in bluescreens as it boots to the CD. Yeah, uh…right. Maybe a bad DVD burn. I’ll try downloading and burning the image again.

I also managed to finally get my hands on FreeNAS, since I won a computer is the company surplus lottery and don’t really have anything to do with it aside from set it up as a home backup server, the trick is actually setting it up…and where I’ll put the darned thing. Maybe downstairs, where there’s more outlets.

The problem though, is that our internet connection has been wonky all week. Well, actually the past couple of weeks-packet loss and server timeouts anytime we’d try to access anything for too long; it’d be unstable in the morning and stable in the evening, but that would be if we’re lucky. So if you don’t see us online much in the evenings, that’s the reason-net connection’s been all kinds of borked. Apparently they’re coming to take a look on Friday, but who knows if that’ll help, or if it’ll be better by then. Wish I could get a direct pipe of some kind to our house that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Ah well.

In other news, the downside of working in technology, especially in a crisis-response position like mine, is that the work just doesn’t let up or stop-you can’t get to a stopping point and decide to go to lunch, because the next emergency is always right around the corner. I suppose that for all of my bitching about wanting something more project oriented, I should really work on it, but it’s of course more difficult than it sounds. Regardless, I long for the day when I can turn on some music, hang a coat on the back of my door, sit down at my desk, and get to work. Hopefully that day will come soon. I’m already looking for the opportunities. Alternatively, I could always come up with the next bright idea and do my own thing, can’t I?

Well then, it’s about lunchtime and I’m entirely too hungry. Maybe something healthy to make up for a pretty greasy breakfast.

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