Posted on Saturday 28 July 2007

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It’s funny, I’ve had thoughts and feelings whirling around my head for weeks, and I simply haven’t had the time or the opportunity to communicate them to the rest of the world. So of course now, after much of what I wanted to write about and discuss is over with and finished, I have the time to write.

Not before Otakon, where I had an amazing time for having slept so incredibly little and wound up meeting a number of fabulous people that I already miss, not before Raevyn’s birthday, which admittedly was during the con, but still a momentous event in and of itself, not before I managed to send Trippy back home for good (with presents for Pastilla and company!) did I have a chance to really explain everything that’s been spinning around my mind.

But I suppose now is as good a time as any.

Otakon was fantastic, and while it was a very different experience than previous years because we both had friends staying with us and we spent most of our time with friends, it was still a great time. Sadly I got incredibly few photos this year, but the ones I did get I’ll post as soon as I take them off of my camera. Regardless, we decided to take a couple of extra days off on either side of the con to make it a real vacation. We took off Thursday before the Friday – Sunday main event, and also took the following Monday and Tuesday to recoup. A nice long five day weekend. We checked into the hotel on Thursday afternoon, ran to get booze to stock the hotel fridge with, and then came back to hang out with Hannah and Rachel while they worked on their cosplay costumes the same night. Raevyn was hoping to supplement her own costume with a piece from their wardrobe, but it didn’t work out. Sadly, by the time we got back to our hotel room, our friends Dia, Rin, and Mike, who were staying with us in our room, were rapidly approaching and we decided we may as well stay up to meet them. I was a little cranky and tired when they arrived, but they were just as tired. We all promptly collapsed on any soft surface we could find just as the sun was starting to get high enough in the sky that the blinds wouldn’t shield us from the light anymore, and got a couple of hours of sleep before waking up to head over to the Friday events at the con.

We caught up with Hannah and Rachel again, grabbed dinner at CalTort , and headed back in for a little while. Came back home, talked, laughed, had a few drinks, and crashed. Saturday was the official World of Warcraft cosplay day, so we caught up with Hannah and Rachel who were dressed in their finest night elf hunter and druid gear. Mike painted his hair green and put it into a mohawk, his skin blue, glued tusks to his face, Raevyn wore a cowl, my leather bracers, long, flowing black clothing, and carried a beautiful scythe that she had made, Dia dressed up in wings, a skirt, horns, and carried a bull whip (the succubus to Raevyn’s warlock). and Rin wore gorgeous leather gear and carried a sword in her belt and made a lovely rogue. I was costumeless, which made me stick out a bit, so I wandered off by myself to tour the dealer’s room before they closed. I’m sure photos of all of them are all over the internet at this point.

Saturday we didn’t manage to get much sleep either, staying up in the room talking and playing World of Warcraft with each other in our hotel rooms. Sunday we spent mostly in the dealer’s room – we got up early to make sure we got to browse around, and I picked up plenty of goodies (loot pictures coming soon). I had intended on picking up a few manga, my annual ecchi figurine, and maybe a couple of box sets of series that I’d been looking for (specifically My HiME – no luck, the box set isn’t finished yet, Paranoia Agent – which I found, and Fushigi Yuugi – couldn’t find it)…I came away with more figures than I anticipated, only the Paranoia Agent box set and a box set for Neo Ranga, none of the manga I was looking for (easier to order it from Amazon than contend with inconsistent stock at the various booths), Osamu Tezuka’s Phoenix in one book, a plushie Tachikoma, and a few other things here and there. All in all, it was a good haul, and a good con.

Mike and Rin and Dia left on Sunday, but we stuck around until Monday afternoon, when we packed up, checked out, and headed home. We spent the rest of the day (and Tuesday) recovering before having to return to the office. Much sleep was involved, among other relaxing things, and all in all it was fabulous. Saturday was Raevyn’s birthday, so we didn’t get to really celebrate. Her copy of the freshly released last Harry Potter book was waiting for her at home (I had pre-ordered before release) and I gave her the other gifts before we left. (A copy of the BBC version of Planet Earth, a new thermos with a tea basket, a copy of Mario Kart DS, and a copy of the Zombie Survival Guide)

There might be a shindig in Raevyn’s honor one coming weekend, but even now we’re still recovering from the convention and all the fuss. I have to admit though, going back to the office was no picnic and makes me question how long I really want to stick in this role. On the other hand, freelancing is still a load of fun and I’m enjoying every minute of it. The real trouble is that things at the office don’t cease to be annoying, and now they’re cutting into the freelancing, which helps keep me sane during the day. Everything can’t make you happy, I suppose, but I don’t really want to keep living for the weekend, waking up on Monday wishing it were Friday night.

Anyway – aside from the con and Raevyn’s birthday, we’ve been trying to take it somewhat easily. I suppose I could use a vacation from my vacation, but I think I really just need to relax a bit more all around. Maybe play with the figures I picked up and spend less time at and thinking about werk. I think that’s a pretty solid plan.

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