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Posted on Tuesday 17 June 2008

sense :: hearing // CSS – Music is My Hot, Hot Sex (Kill the Noise Rmx)

I fell off of thesixtyone bandwagon for a while, but I’m getting back on. Seems there’s only so many hours in the day you can listen to music before you have to sleep. Imagine that!

It’s been too long, and I really want to get back into the swing of regularly blogging. It’s tough when you have ten trillion blogs, but that’s of my own making, isn’t it? I can’t complain too much – I haven’t been for lack of material to discuss on any of those sites, frankly. Either way, that’s enough of that – I don’t want to be that blogger who’s always complaining about how often or sparingly they manage to write.

Anyway. At least I have the fact that I’ve been incredibly busy on my side. The company that I work for recently moved its corporate office back to that tiny little slice of hell that I grew up in (I shouldn’t be so hard on the place, it’s really not so bad) so I get to commute from our nest right outside of Washington DC up to my hometown every day. To say I have mixed feelings about it is an understatement though; my office conversations around where to go for lunch sometimes wind up in me revisiting a hot spot from my past, like the still-delicious after all these years Rocky Run Tap and Grill, and other times I shudder in horror at the prospect of going down to the Columbia Mall – the mall where I held what I maintain was the best job I ever worked: a clerk at the Waldenbooks on the 2nd floor – for lunch. At the same time as I remember the days when I used to hang out down there all of the time, the last thing I want is to munch on a light lunch in the food court (which is probably five times the size it was when I last set foot in there) and run into someone from high school. I moved away from Columbia to, well, move away – I wasn’t particularly running from anything, but the notion of going backwards in my life is a threatening one. I want to experience new things, new people, new places – I really don’t want to be tied to Columbia, at least not right now.

Regardless, the move was a nightmare of a weekend, one that I’d be hard pressed to really say that I’m still over, and then along with that weekend came the run-up to Father’s Day. All in all, I’m pretty exhausted. The job front doesn’t help much either – although I can happily say that I delivered my resume to my editor in New York City, so we’ll see where that takes me. In the meantime, I’m keeping my options open. The day job is bearable, but most certainly not somewhere I want to stay, at least not under my current “leadership.”

Even so, I’m very eager to take a few days off, maybe next week or the week after. The nice thing about the move is that our CIO graciously gave us all two days off on his dime to make up for the work we did that weekend, and I’m definitely going to take him up on it. Between that and Otakon in August and Digital Life in September, I’m stoked. I might even have to take a few days off between now and then just to keep my sanity. I really have to make a point to stop letting work take control of my life, especially if it’s not something I enjoy doing.

Freelancing? I love it, by the way. I’m trying to expand my portfolio a bit, and tossed my hat in the ring to be a blogger on the Azeroth Metblog, a WoW blog in the Metblog empire. Should be fun, and maybe if I can make some regular updates it might even breathe some life into it.

After chatting with my parents this weekend when we went to visit, I’ve come away with a little more encouragement to stay focused on those things that are important to me, and to make time for those other things that are important that are falling through the cracks. Spending so much time and energy on things that don’t enrich my life is a waste of that precious time. Here’s hoping I remember to take that advice.

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