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Posted on Sunday 17 August 2008

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This isn’t the first day I’ve come here, opened up the editor, and thought desperately about what I should say. There’s a lot to cover, if I wanted to do one of those historical-type posts, going back to the last update and recounting everything that’s happened since then, but that’s not really what I’m going for – maybe a little bit, but not totally.

Frankly, what’s gotten me going is telling myself that I don’t need some epic story every time I update here. Sheesh. It’s better to say something every now and again than say nothing at all, right?

So anyway, Plurk has eaten my soul, and my soul is quietly chipping away at the teeth in its maw, methodically trying to escape. And escape it will – I’m not going to be that guy and fall complete victim to a microblogging service. I’ve just got too much to say, whether I like it or not.

So Otakon has come and gone, and as promised, I did both the Kaname Tousen cosplay that I was kind of skeptical about (it turned out fantastically – now I just need to find someone who took pictures of me in it…) and the Code Geass cosplay that I wanted to do as well (and I’m pretty sure that no one took my picture in that one…).

I decided to go semi-local for both costumes and buy them from Moon Costumes, who had something of a bad rap with some of the cosplay boards I read because of shipping delays and such, and the fact that when I wanted a custom fit costume, they wasted a week getting me an estimate and then came back saying it would take longer than I had to make and ship the costume. I was about to give up on them entirely, but I just ordered the largest size they had (thinking if it were too big I’d just get it tailored, and if something were too small then I was just screwed) and not only did they ship earlier than I expected, I had the costumes a full week ahead of the con and they were WAY too big. We managed to work some magic with safety pins to tighten them down a bit so I didn’t trip over myself wearing them, but I’m definitely getting them taken in a bit before the next time I want to wear them. Anyway, mad props to Moon Costumes, for coming through when it counted, and getting both Raevyn and I what we needed in good time and at a good price.

The con itself was fantastic; we didn’t see as much of it as we would have liked, but I have to say that the lovely Hannah and Rachel made the best con roomies ever, and I’m totally looking forward to rooming with them again next year. Now we just have to book the hotel room, and I’m kinda interested in trying the new Hilton that’s connected to the convention center that they just finished building.

We wound up coming out of the con with less schwag than normal, but what we did get was great – it was certainly a box set Otakon, and I picked up everything from the entire freaking Robotech series on DVD (Amazon says that’s 21 discs – sheesh, no wonder it’s so big) – it’s called the Robotech Protoculture Collection, and it was huge. I paid a little more than I would have at Amazon, apparently, but hey – it was a con.

I also picked up the Tenjho Tenge box set, since it was a Geneon title and is subsequently out of print. Just as I predicted, there were a lot of Geneon titles (now out of print) available at the con, and that made me happy – I picked up what I could, when I could, and I was also happy to find out that a number of other distributers like Bandai and Funimation had picked up some of Geneon’s titles. I snagged a few more box sets; Solty Rei, Speedgrapher, Cowboy Bebop because we didn’t own it, and a few others. Good times, all in all, and we have definitely have plenty of anime to watch.

The unsung hero of the con however is definitely Lucky Star – Raevyn picked up the first two DVDs, and they’re absolutely hilarious. I can’t believe I haven’t watched this earlier.

The one thing I didn’t see at the con this year were some of the JRock and JPop music vendors that are usually there. There were a ton of weapon vendors (I picked up a replica of the Master Sword), but I didn’t have a chance to look for Jinn albums like I wanted. I’ve been enamored with the band since I found out they were the folks behind both the Blood + Season 4 opening and the Code Geass Season 2 opening.

The song behind the Blood+ opening is called Raion, and both the song and video are glorious:

The song behind the Code Geass opening is called Kaidoku Funou:

After I saw the two original videos, I started digging a bit more into the band itself. I’m actually remarkably surprised at how the lead singer has such a raw, almost raunchy voice – I absolutely love it. She’s not dolled up, she’s not made up to be a superstar, she’s really just..herself. And the rest of the band are themselves as well – the whole band collects to make an incredibly harmonious and cohesive sound. Without any one of them, it wouldn’t be the same, and I think they like it that way – no single one of them stands out incredibly, but together they’re absolutely incredible.

Yeah, I’m going to have to pick up their albums on Amazon, import or no. And to think, I wouldn’t have connected the dots if I didn’t have what I think is now a firmly unhealthy obsession with Code Geass. Without getting into a probably way-too-detailed analysis of the characters, lets just say there’s a part of me that desperately wants to be Lelouch inside – and a part of me that’s just as damaged and jaded, I think. Maybe next year I should give Lelouch’s casual clothes a try, if I don’t try to find a way to do a Zero mask.

code geass

In other news, things have settled a bit on the job front; my boss is still who he is – there’s no denying that – but I think he’s becoming a little easier to deal with; either because he’s calmed down, or because I’m just gotten used to dealing with him. We’ve hired a new person to work directly under me, now that my friend (and former lackey) has moved to another group to do some less challenging but probably career benefiting work.

We’ve moved the mail for all of my domains over to GMail, which is a huge relief – my only problems with spam these days are legit messages winding up in the spam folder. Ah, filters, labels, and the Better GMail extension. How I love thee.

Speaking of geekery, Raevyn and I are thinking about building new rigs. I mean, it’s not that there’s a problem with our current ones, it’s just that if anything were to happen to any critical components in them, parts would be hard to come by because they’re getting old. We built them what – maybe going on four or five years ago? The problem though is that I’m a little out of practice when it comes to updated components, and it looks like the build vs. buy debate has only gotten hotter since I had to worry about it last, and decent components haven’t gotten any cheaper. That and I’m having a hard enough time settling on the case that I want for my new rig. I have a bookmarks folder full of ideas.

If the weather weren’t going to turn cold in just a month or so, I’d think about picking up some new Science! t-shirts. I’m particularly in love with the first two – scientists know how to rock out too, you know. And who hasn’t wanted to ride an amoeba? I also love the Teach the Controversy shirts too, but I worry that some creationists and conspiracy theorists wouldn’t get that the whole line of shirts is a jab at their ridiculousness. The whole selection is brought to us by the fine folks at Amorphia Apparel, whose other shirts are fabulous as well. If they sell some hoodies and long-sleeved shirts as well, I just might pick those up; the designs are too funny (or ironic) to resist, even for the office.

Now then, time to see if I can find a way to embed a Plurk widget in my sidebar. I mean, if I’m over there so often, I may as well use it to keep poor Millennium Winter fresh too, if I don’t remember to come back as often as I’d like.

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