why i even said a word in the first place

Posted on Saturday 11 July 2009

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So I’m putting myself on a somewhat regular blog update schedule. People only read when they know they can reliably get new content, and while I love blogging my biggest problem has always been providing new content regularly as opposed to whenever i have the time to write. Thanks to Reqall, my newest organization tool (which I wrote about at AppScout a little while back) I’ve been setting up reminders for the things I want to do regularly. Thankfully those reminders include things that are already habit for me, like updating TechTV Forever every day as new podcasts come out and making sure to submit an article to AppScout on a daily basis as well.

So what’s a few more to-dos to remind myself to write? I have enough blogs that I could hit one of them each day with at least one post, and probably some of them more than once a week. So far, this week proved successful – managed to update everyone on schedule (yes, this one’s on the schedule), and if this keeps up I might increase the frequency. Considering how busy things are at the office, managing to hit this goal this week is pretty impressive by itself.

In other writing news, the freelancing gig with Tom’s Hardware is heating up – the products I needed for the first series of shootouts are starting to show up. Let’s see, I managed to pick up review units of the Logitech G19, the Logitech G9, Microsoft’s SideWinder X3 and their shiny new SideWinder X6 gaming keyboard, and Gigabyte’s M8000 gaming mouse. Still waiitng on a few others, most notable Saitek’s competing products, but once they’re all here I can get started on my peripheral shootout.

Here’s hoping that future articles for Tom’s go a little quicker, it’s been months since I got started! This time I had to make all of the press contacts myself and introduce myself to a number of people from scratch-that’s not necessarily a bad thing though; it’s nice to have some contacts in the industry if I ever want to do this full time, and I’ll have people to talk to when I need to do future product reviews.

In other news, Otakon is only a week away. Thankfully I’ve had some alterations made to my costume so it fits a little better – going to have to rock the Ashford Academy school uniform alone this year; the Kaname Tousen costume is just too much cloth and hassle I think, especially since I’m planning on packing and traveling light this year. In any event, I’m still planning on having a good time, and hopefully finding a few things on my shopping list.

This weekend though, it’s all relaxation, new gadgets, and rounding out the weekend with friends for a backyard barbecue. Now I just need to decide what kind of beer to bring.

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    July 13, 2009 | 7:17 am

    Have fun at Otakon! Wish I could make it this year. Don’t forget the pix!!

    July 13, 2009 | 10:35 am


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