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xkcd is glorious or why i love xkcd

sense :: taste // miso soup I know I’ve said this before but the gloriously geeky webcomic xkcd is fantastic. Part of it is that I’m enough of a geek that I actually get their comics (this one was freaking hilarious to me because I was a physics major, and this one sparked a few […]

holiday musings

sense :: sight // Eddie Izzard – Glorious All in all, the holidays went well, although thankfully they’re not completely over yet. The week between Christmas and New Year’s is always kind of a null period-it feels so strange to have nothing to do aside from go back to work. I think I’m still hung […]

happy holidays!

sense :: hearing // The Waitresses – Christmas Wrapping Happy Holidays to everyone-I’ll of course be out of commission, but here’s hoping I’ll be able to steal some time for some holiday thoughts and reflections sometime tomorrow, but just in case I don’t, Merry Christmas to those celebrating, Happy Holidays to everyone, and those of […]

who says i can’t be bored?

sense :: sight // glowing screens The new job is anything but boring, I have to say-usually I get far too much to do at one time around here. But then there’s the odd here and there when I just have too little to do, like right now. The days can swirl past me, and […]

what have we learned?

sense :: taste // enchilada bowl This week we’re experimenting with not eating out at all. A lot of our spare cash goes to delivery and eating out and picking up dinner on the way home from werk, so this week we’re going to try cooking every single night, and I especially am going to […]