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you’re locked in

sense :: smell // earl grey tea I’m woefully missing the catharsis here. One of the things about taking your passion and making it your day job is that sometimes you still need a break from your passion when you do it enough: which means that I need more opportunities away from a keyboard than […]

the golden age

sense :: taste // chipotle chicken tacos Remember when I was rambling on about how busy I’ve been recently? Yeah – this past week has probably taken the cake for being one of the most busy and challenging I’ve ever had, especially as a writer. In addition to writing for AppScout and Gearlog every day, […]

the future smiles

sense :: taste // Zeke’s Nicaraguan Selva Negra Coffee The beautiful rendition of a winter-themed Hatsune Miku is courtesy of eroji at DeviantArt, whose page I found the artwork on. It’s really pretty – and definitely fits the mood right now. It’s been cold lately – very cold. I haven’t said too much since New […]

darling i hope that you agree

sense :: sight // Poker Night at The Inventory Wow, what an incredible couple of weeks. It’s definitely been exciting, to say the least. Sadly, I won’t make it out to CES 2011 in Las Vegas this year, even though I’m registered: the numbers just don’t add up and I have a few other reasons […]

yeah we’re red inside, we’re all red inside

sense :: taste // spam and eggs I’m loving Miku in those autumn colors up there. I don’t have much more time to use these autumn themed images, sadly – full-on Winter is descending rapidly. For those keeping score, the fondue experiment turned out fabulously the second time around, and we had more delicious treats […]