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we can have it all

sense :: taste // crispy grilled cheese Yes – those cherry blossoms? They’ll be back soon. Last week I took a vacation. A serious, well deserved vacation – the kind where I actually unplug from the net (not that I wanted to, the nature of the trip forced me to,) spent time with the lovely […]

darling i hope that you agree

sense :: sight // Poker Night at The Inventory Wow, what an incredible couple of weeks. It’s definitely been exciting, to say the least. Sadly, I won’t make it out to CES 2011 in Las Vegas this year, even though I’m registered: the numbers just don’t add up and I have a few other reasons […]

yeah we’re red inside, we’re all red inside

sense :: taste // spam and eggs I’m loving Miku in those autumn colors up there. I don’t have much more time to use these autumn themed images, sadly – full-on Winter is descending rapidly. For those keeping score, the fondue experiment turned out fabulously the second time around, and we had more delicious treats […]

i need you to whisper gently in my ears

sense // hearing :: The Roc Project – Never (Past Tense) What a whirlwind couple of weeks! When last we spoke, I was coming up on my birthday, and looking forward to it with great anticipation. Well, my birthday delivered; and I’m very gracious to Raevyn for arranging a weekend of laser tag with some […]

wanna be with you everywhere

sense :: taste // flavor-blasted cheddar goldfish I can’t even begin to fathom how many words I’ve put to paper this week. Wednesday and Thursday alone I wound up writing somewhere around 9-10,000 words by the time I was finished updating Gears and Widgets, doing my Macross Plus feature over at The Classy Geek, and […]