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someone plug me in, i need to recharge

sense :: taste // fresh coffee I’ve been a pretty busy boy, like I’ve been saying. The trouble is when you wake up on a morning like today and really really wish you could work from home (which I could, I just don’t like calling in to say it, feels like I’m copping out on […]

poets and sunglasses

sense :: taste // Peach Tea Halloween came and went, and Raevyn surprised me with a Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney pumpkin, of which I’ll provide photos of shortly, I promise, and some treats and goodies from the Halloween party that she went to. I was a homebody that night, staying at werk late to bond […]

clearing the fog

sense :: smell // moist soil So upon doing my civic duty on the 12th of September (which was primary day around these parts, so after werk Raevyn and I headed out to vote) I subsequently felt much much better about myself-it was nice being a part of the political process, and even nicer supporting […]

dangerous times

sense :: smell // chinese food Sadly, the chinese food isn’t mine, the ladies I share an office with ordered chinese. They did ask if I wanted to order with them, which was nice enough. That’s okay, I’m planning on going out for lunch. Where, however, is the next-and natural-question. No clue, but I usually […]

painter of somethin’

sense :: sight // new desks We had a lovely three day weekend, injuries aside. We took Friday off to sleep in and put together our new desks and tv stand for the computer room that we had purchased from Ikea earlier in the week, and after assembling our desks and tv stand and finding […]