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so far, we are

sense :: taste // de alhambra tacos from Zapatas I really can’t begin to explain how busy things have been over the past few weeks. First it was guest posting at Lifehacker, which I’m so incredibly thrilled to have had the opportunity to do (and hope they ask me back again soon!) and then dealing […]

yeah we’re red inside, we’re all red inside

sense :: taste // spam and eggs I’m loving Miku in those autumn colors up there. I don’t have much more time to use these autumn themed images, sadly – full-on Winter is descending rapidly. For those keeping score, the fondue experiment turned out fabulously the second time around, and we had more delicious treats […]

the more i see you the more i can see

sense :: taste // archer farms sweet cajun snack mix At least this week was a little calmer than the last, I can say that confidently. The beginning of the week saw the solidification of things at the office, with roles shaking out as our department saw a re-org prompted by the resignation of our […]

everything you say will show me the way

sense :: taste // a Calypso The shot above is something like my own contribution to Our Secret Stash of Stuff, which DBlume brought to my attention over at Plurk. I think everyone there was intrigued by the notion: putting everything that you carry around with you out for everyone to see. In some cases […]


sense :: taste // hickory-smoked and grilled ribeye from Carlyle The past week or so has been something of a whirlwind, kind of like Miku’s hair up there, but most of the things happening have been largely good. The past week was particularly draining at the office and my personal life hasn’t been any less […]