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the hunter gets captured by the game

sense :: smell // bergamot incense This past week has been a beast, there’s no getting around that fact. Waking up in the middle of the night so irritated at work that I can’t get back to sleep, moving desks again (although the new desk location is indeed an upgrade when compared to the no-window/next […]

the more i see you the more i can see

sense :: taste // archer farms sweet cajun snack mix At least this week was a little calmer than the last, I can say that confidently. The beginning of the week saw the solidification of things at the office, with roles shaking out as our department saw a re-org prompted by the resignation of our […]

explain this, Clarissa

sense :: taste // greek salad and feta cheese It’s been a hell of a week, I’d be lying to say it were anything otherwise. There’s been stress on virtually every thing of influence in my life: work, family, love life, all of it. That being said, a lot of it has smoothed itself over […]

everything you say will show me the way

sense :: taste // a Calypso The shot above is something like my own contribution to Our Secret Stash of Stuff, which DBlume brought to my attention over at Plurk. I think everyone there was intrigued by the notion: putting everything that you carry around with you out for everyone to see. In some cases […]

algebra of delight

sense :: taste // goldfish crackers I’m on a little bit of an Aria kick, mostly because I’m desperately waiting for Aria Volume 6 to be released in the US (not that I think Tokyopop ever will actually release it, but eh) and I still adore the art style. I could re-read the ones I […]