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i might need some time off

sense :: taste // quizno’s pickles So there I was, sitting at the office, grumbling to myself about how tired I was and how much I want to go home, and then I decide to check my email. I see this (click to embiggen): Which led to the predictable shock and awe. I had to […]

scream your name into the microphone

sense :: hearing // CSS – Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death from Above (RAC Remix) This isn’t the first day I’ve come here, opened up the editor, and thought desperately about what I should say. There’s a lot to cover, if I wanted to do one of those historical-type posts, going back to […]

the waiting is the hardest part

sense :: hearing // Yeasayer – 2080 (Black Dominoes Remix) For anyone interested in hearing what I’m hearing: I just moved mail hosting (and I think inadvertently some hosting functionality) over to Google (and subsequently got Google Apps) for a few of my domains. Let’s see how that goes. If there’s one thing that’s bothered […]

i said please, please don’t insist

sense :: hearing // cooling fans and muted music Noise canceling headphones were some of the best things I’ve purchased since I started werking here. The only trouble really is that the person sitting in the cube next to me demands my attention so often that it requires me to take them off frequently. She’s […]

the inspiration that made lady sing the blues

sense :: taste // sushi I love Blood + far more than I should. Even the English dub is good! I think a box set might have to be an Otakon purchase next year. Aside from griping about the state of affairs these days, there are a number of things going well; I shouldn’t forget […]