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Archive for October, 2006

of daleks and pumpkins

sense :: smell // coffee Halloween’s definitely sneaking up on us this year. We haven’t carved pumpkins or bought candy or anything. Although I have to admit that I’d very much love a Dalek pumpkin, I don’t know if I have the time or the effort to put into making one. Still, he’s adorable. So […]

adventures in pronoia

sense :: taste // leftover wedding cake Not my wedding, though; my good friends Sean and Jenniah were wed in a beautiful ceremony this weekend. I’m so happy for them-I was there when they got engaged, and I was there while they both stressed out leading to the big day, and I can only imagine […]

lager, by the way..

sense :: taste // green tea I posted this over at lorelei complex, but I snapped a few photos of my desk with my cameraphone on Friday. It must look a lot like a soulless cube, but I promise, the top of the cube is just beyond the top of the frame, but even so, […]


sense :: touch // new keyboard! The week’s been something of a blur, but I think that everything is starting to fall into place. My second week at werk had me doing more things for the first time ever, but things seem a bit more routine-the people don’t look at me oddly anymore, and more […]

taking pictures…

sense :: touch // rain on my head …would be so much easier if I actually remembered to bring my camera. Ah well, it was on and off rain yesterday at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, more on than off, but not enough to spoil the day for us. I think we’re going to make it […]