Name’s Phoenix. I’m anime superhero with mystical armor, operating somewhere in the Baltimore, MD/Washington DC corridor.

By day I help my company make technology strategy and purchasing decisions and silently build a vast geekly empire. When dusk falls I’m either saving humanity from ancient evils or in front of my turntables laying down phat beats.

Some of that isn’t as true as you think. Some of it isn’t as false as you think. Some of it isn’t either. Up to you to figure it out, eh?

More accurately, I’m an IT Project Manager for a shadowy private firm with pretty big clients, if you can imagine that.

This site, like myself, has changed and grown and gone through a million different iterations. People asked me for some kind of blog, so I built one and here it is. What’s this all about? Why did I do it? It’s about learning, about growth, about change, and about exploration. It’s about art, it’s about me, it’s about you, it’s about depth. I did it because I wanted to create something. I did it because I wanted to share, I did it because I wanted to see it myself.

Cryptic notions aside, I’ll let Millennium Winter speak for herself, and if you need me, I’ll be here.