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favor the bold

sense :: sight // shooting stars on starry nights I’ve been sitting on this post for a long time. Pondering how exactly I’m going to approach it, what I was going to say. It’s been a while, obviously, but that’s not the reason I’ve hesitated. Let’s get some of this stuff out of the way […]

crash your christmas party

sense :: touch // yards of wrapping paper I’ve had this Target commercial in my head for the past couple of weeks. I think it’s my unique way of being festive. The gifts are all wrapped, the cider is mulled, the apartment smells fantastic, and there’s some cold eggnog in the fridge and rum on […]

good eye, sniper

sense :: touch // painfully raw skin For those not in the know, I burned my wrist pretty badly last week – the day after my last post, actually. I tend to heal pretty quickly (go go mutant healing powers) so my wrist is back in action now, just really raw with reddish pink skin […]

this is where i live

sense :: smell // fresh peppers Militant pengi might make you think that I’m unhappy, but quite the contrary – I just love this image. That aside, I’ve been paying close attention to where I live these days, a bit more than usual. Aside from some of the lovely things I’ve noticed already, like the […]

An epic journey for epic beats…

(Answer to: Share the longest road trip you’ve ever taken.) It was the spring of 2001. Back in the day when I was a bit more into the whole partykid thing, my girlfriend at the time (who was also a partykid) and I and a couple of our friends decided we would make the ultimate […]