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I am The Classy Geek.

sense :: taste // roasted chestnut coffee Today my “Secret Project” is no longer a secret project! I’ve been working on this little side-project for months now, writing and writing and writing long-form articles and how-tos and segments and putting them all together offline and then building out the perfect design for it all, and […]

and autumn gives way to winter

sense :: taste // fresh ground guatemalan antigua coffee It’s getting colder. Not that I mind – I tried on my winter coat for the first time since last year’s cold – the one I had left at my parents’ because it was one of the many things in my arms when I fled there […]

under the milky way tonight

sense :: sight // sparkling streetlights I know I keep saying that I’m having big weeks, but this week was no exception. It was kind of a long, mundane week (except for weigh-in at the office: I’m down about 15 lbs from where I started at the beginning of the office “Biggest Loser” contest!) until […]

flames to dust

sense :: hearing // Nelly Furtado – All Good Things (Kaskade Remix) It’s getting colder outside and I love it. I’ve already made full use of my investment in some long sleeved dress shirts, and I’m definitely looking forward to breaking out my woolen coats, both long and short, and feeling the chill air of […]

there’s an angel on my shoulder, but a devil inside my head.

sense :: hearing // Kaskade – Angel on My Shoulder David was curious what I spent a lot of my time this weekend doing, and since I wrote my last entry while I was in the middle of if, I didn’t really wrap up what I’d been up to. In short, this was one of […]