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but my lips won’t move

sense // hearing :: DJ Spooky – It’s So Late My love affair with TheSixtyOne hasn’t dimmed by any stretch of the imagination. Leveling there is slow, but it’s oh so worth it to hear so much new music that I would never have been able to hear before. For example, if you’re in the […]

my counsel has advised me…

taste // Boterra Red Wine This is probably one of the best Penny Arcades in a long long time. And that’s saying a lot, because I usually think they’re hilarious. Click the image to embiggen – I’m sure you can’t read the text at this size. The worst part? It’s a true story. In other […]

i can hear violins

sense :: taste // tea/coffee blend I can hear string instruments in my head today. They make me think of empty seasides, somewhere chilly but warm enough that I don’t need a jacket, somewhere I can put a cello down and play. I don’t even know how to play the cello, but I’d love to […]

making plans

sense :: touch // new sheets and towels So we’re making plans for our vacations later in the year, including events like Otakon and Digital Life in New York City. So far so good, we’ve managed to book not just our room for Otakon but another room for a bunch of our friends. We just […]

a long time coming

sense :: taste // mojito So the new boss starts on Monday. I don’t know whether I should be frightened or excited. Either way, I’ve been kind of blase about the whole thing. Possibly because I’ve been more and more disenchanted with my boss lately – it’s not my job, I don’t mind the job […]